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IAME RL Leopard 125cc TAG Engine Kit

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IAME RL Leopard 125cc TAG Engine Kit:
Selettra electronic ignition with pick-up in the stator and generator for battery charging
H.T. coil and vibration dampers
NGK BR9EG sparkplug and PVL cap
Centrifugal clutch group with Z11 detachable sprocket
334ab 24mm Carburettor
Exhaust Header
Exhaust Flex
Springs for Exhaust Flex
Electric starting motor incorporated
Green CDI unit Rev-limited 15,800 rpm
Wiring Harness Assembly
12 V - 7.2 A/h battery
Battery Box
Included auxiliary equipment:
Water pump group and pulley with 30/50mm clamps
Complete water hose kit
KG Socorem Airbox
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