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IAME X30 125cc TAG Engine Kit

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IAME X30 125cc TAG Engine Kit:
Selettra electronic ignition with pick-up in the stator and generator for battery charging
H.T. coil and vibration dampers
NGK BR9EG sparkplug and PVL cap
Centrifugal clutch group with Z11 detachable sprocket
TRYTON HB27 carb. ? 27 mm
Exhaust Header X30
Exhaust Flex with silicon sheath
Springs for Exhaust Flex
Exhaust silencer Model X30
Electric starting motor incorporated
Green CDI unit Rev-limited 15,800 rpm
Wiring Harness Assembly
12 V - 7.2 A/h battery
Battery Box
Included auxiliary equipment:
Water pump group and pulley with 30/50mm clamps
Complete water hose kit
Complete thermostat 50
KG Socorem Airbox
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