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Privacy Notice - Statement

Personal and informational privacy has been duly identified as an issue of importance and subsequently regulated in Australia and its territories by the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Act”). Karting Direct (“we”, “us”, “our”) is committed to adopting and continually improving practices, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act and with the principles it embodies. This Policy does not extend to information collected or held by us about our employees.

The Sites,,,,,,

Collection of Personal Information

Information Obtained During Ordinary Business In order to facilitate the proper, efficient and lawful operation of ordinary business activities, Karting Direct may collect certain personal information from users and customers.


The sites,,,,,, and all its subdirectories does not use cookies of any kind. Cookies are used to provide personalised content to users of web sites and contain information to allow this to occur. Most web sites use cookies as a de-facto industry standard of providing personal content and tracking user movement throughout a web site. If you do not wish to use cookies, you are able to disable this in your internet browser. Please be aware that some components of our web site will not function correctly if cookies are disabled.


Persons visiting any Karting Direct web sites have an option to provide personal information through the use of online forms. Additionally, users wishing to purchase goods or services online may be required to provide personal information by means of forms.


Electronic mail may be used to collect personal information if and when such information is transmitted to Karting Direct by virtue of such electronic mail.

Employment Applications

Karting Direct accepts applications for employment from interested parties, and these applications may contain personal information that is transmitted and stored electronically.

Use of Personal Information

General Business Use Karting Direct user personal information in accordance with the law of New South Wales, Australia. Personal information is used for the purpose of the proper, efficient and lawful conduct of business, including identifying customers, providing services, shipping and billing goods or service, and other business-related activities.

Applications for Employment

Any personal information a person or other entity provides to us in the course of applying for an advertised or non-advertised vacancy will only be used to process the application. We will maintain this information on file in a secure database so we may match the application to any suitable future opportunities that arise, unless it is made clear to us that the application information is to be removed at the conclusion of the particular application process. For further information regarding personal information sent to us in an employment application, please send contact us by email at

Data Security

All personal information collected by Karting Direct is maintained on our secure, private servers. Personal information is protected from unauthorised access or use, accidental or intentional alteration, disclosure, destruction and loss through a variety of hardware, software and internal company safeguards. We undertake never to knowingly or intentionally disclose or otherwise make available or alter any personal information except as permitted by this Privacy Policy, and we undertake on a best efforts basis to prevent the aforementioned from happening accidentally or maliciously.


All personal information collected by Karting Direct is, subject to this Privacy Policy and any other applicable agreements, held in strict confidence by Karting Direct. Additionally, by virtue of the services we provide, we will, from time to time, have remote, onsite or service centre access to your computer systems and information stored therein. This privileged access is used for the sole purpose of repairing, maintaining, configuring or otherwise supporting your technology infrastructures. Importantly, our employees are all parties to strict Confidentiality Agreements which serve to protect, to the highest standards, all client information, whether stored on our servers, equipment and media, or on client computers, equipment and media.

Non-Personal Information

Like almost all other web sites, we may collect a variety of non-personal information from our web site and the servers upon which it resides. Such information includes your IP Address, your Internet Service Provider and your Web Browser type and version. We may use this information internally to allow us to improve the content and delivery of information on our web site and to analyse statistical information pertaining to site traffic. We may also provide this non-personal information to third parties in aggregate form, often for publicity or statistical purposes.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Karting Direct ( Karting Direct, SQ Racing, Torismo Kart, Kartelli ) does not disclose personal information to parties outside our corporation, except in the following circumstances:

Where we have engaged a sub-contractor or service partner to deliver part or all the agreed service to you, we may provide them with personal information to the extent that such personal information is necessary to ensure the successful and timely delivery of service or product

Where your authorised representatives approach us for your personal information, we may provide them with the requested personal information to the extent that they may demonstrate they are entitled to possess such information

Where your personal information is a matter of public record, for example, by virtue of a posting to an online bulletin board

Where consent has been given by the person or entity to whom the personal information relates

Where we are exercising our right of legal protection or where we must provide relevant authorities with personal information as required by any applicable Australian law, or to prevent a breach of any applicable Australian law

Where we are required to do so by any applicable Australian law

Links to Third Party Sites

Karting Direct is not responsible for the content of web sites owned and/or administered by third parties that are linked to our sites, nor for the privacy and other policies and procedures employed by those owning and/or administering the same third party sites. Any links to third party sites does not constitute any representation on the part of Karting Direct as to the quality of content, privacy policies or procedures of such third party sites, or of the entities owning or administering these sites. Visitors are advised to check the privacy policies and procedures of any sites other than our own, whether arrived at by means of a link from our site or by any other means.

Amendments to this Policy

Karting Direct may amend this policy from time to time, most likely to reflect legislative or social attitudes towards informational privacy. Any amendments made to our policies will be reflected herein, and significant or substantial departures from our existing Privacy Policy will be notified to users of this web site by an announcement posted prominently at

Enquiries and Suggestions

All queries and suggestions pertaining to the content, operation, purpose or otherwise of this policy should be directed to the Managing by contacting us at